ASKAP HI mapping of the IC 1459 galaxy group

The first ASKAP science paper (Serra, Koribalski, Kilborn et al. 2015, MNRAS 452, 2680) is based on HI data obtained with the Boolardy Engineering Test Array (BETA), which consists of six PAF-equipped antennas. Three 10h HI data sets were obtained in Sep 2014 with nine beams arranged in a diamond pattern. The ASKAP HI maps reveal the HI disks of at least 10 galaxies in the IC 1459 galaxy group as well as some previously unknown HI clouds. The data have a resolution of about 1′ and 4 km/s.

Left: An observation of the galaxy group IC 1459,
using a nine-beam footprint in the shape of a diamond.
The small panels next to the main image show for each
galaxy the HI contours overlaid on a RGB image (left),
and the HI velocity field (right). Credit: CSIRO.