• Australian telescope project helps unlock history and secrets of the Universe
    (Ministerial Press Release – 16 Jan 2017)

    ” … Astronomers are using these observations to look for hydrogen gas – the raw material for making stars – in and around galaxies. This is the first step in making a census of hydrogen in galaxies far back in the Universe’s history. …”
  • The Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder finally hits the big-data highway
    (article in The Conversation, 16 Jan 2017)
    ” … ASKAP sees large pieces of sky with a field of view of 30 square degrees. The WALLABY team will observe 1,200 of these fields. Each field contains about 500 galaxies detectable in neutral hydrogen, giving a total of 600,000 galaxies. …”
  • The WALLABY team has obtained the ~500 hours of ASKAP-12 Early Science data using up to 192 MHz bandwidth towards four 30 sq degr fields. Two fields are complete and two 50% done. Data processing is on-going.