SKA Pathfinder HI Science Coordination Committee (PHISCC)

On 18 November 2009, during an international HI workshop in Bunker Bay, Western Australia, a group of principal investigators of HI surveys with SKA pathfinder telescopes met to discuss coordination of their respective surveys. The consensus was (a) coordination was desired to maximize scientific productivity from the pathfinders; and (b) such coordination would lead to a better science case for the SKA, better science input to prospective SKA HI surveys, and a more cohesive scientific community.

Aspects of coordination that PHISCC intends to address:

  • liasion with the SKA HI (Galaxy) working group
  • sky coverage (eg, ensure that northern and southern pathfinder HI surveys are complementary)
  • survey depth (eg, ensure that the most scientifically productive “wedding cake” survey strategy is employed with the minimum of unnecessary overlap)
  • commuincate/coordinate early science projects on pathfinders
  • intensify sharing of RFI impact on pathfinders and mitigation paths
  • post-processing software and data archives (eg, source finding and parametrisation)
  • simulations (such as mock sky cubes and catalogs for pathfinders)


PHISCC coordinator: Marc Verheijen


PHISCC meetings: