During June 2018 several astronomy meetings and conferences relevant to WALLABY will be held across China, some of which may of interest to WALLABY team members.

  • ACAMAR 4:Australia-China Workshop on Astrophysics, 6–8 June 2018, Chengdu, Sichuan
    “The focus of this workshop will be Antarctic astronomy, radio astronomy (including ASKAP, MWA, FAST and SKA), optical instrumentation, and astrophysics. The workshop will also build on the relationships and outcomes of the previous workshops in the series.”
  • 11th PHISCC workshop, 11–13 June 2018, Pingtang, Guizhou
    “During the 2.5 day PHISCC workshop we will hear about the latest commissioning results and the current status of the planned HI survey strategies and deliverables. Participants are particularly encouraged to present and discuss progress on RFI mitigation and source finding, as well as science topics enabled by panchromatic synergies with other large-area imaging and spectroscopic surveys such as LOFAR, MWA,VLASS, MaNGA, SAMI, HETDEX, Weave, Pan-STARRS, SkyMapper, H-Atlas etc.”
  • RAF 2018: FAST-MeerKAT and SKA Pathfinders Synergies, 13–15 June 2018, Pingtang, Guizhou
    “The main goal is to explore the synergies between the different SKA pathfinders and FAST. The main science themes will be: pulsar research, HI research, HI intensity mapping, Cosmic Magnetism and Radio Instrumentation.”
  • KIAA Forum on Gas in Galaxies, 18–22 June 2018, Beijing
    “The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) plans to host an annual forum on the role of atomic gas, molecular gas, and dust in the galaxies from low to high redshift, as well as in the Milky Way itself. These annual forums aim to bring together active researchers for the purpose of reviewing recent achievements and discussing future frontiers. As galaxies are ecosystems of gas in different phases and stars of different ages, the forum also aims to improve interactions between researchers in different fields, and between observers and theorists.”

Team members interested in attending some of these meetings are encouraged to register as soon as possible, as registration for most meetings will be closing soon.